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Warriors of the High Country Giveaway (on Instagram)


Follow me on Instagram for a chance to win!

I'm giving away a signed giclee once I hit 1000 followers. Will you be the winner?! 

Once I hit 1000 followers on Instagram, I'll randomly choose one person from my follower list to win a free 16" x 24" canvas print of Warriors of the High Country (shown above). No purchase necessary.

Please follow this link to go to my Instagram account. Good luck!

Firefighters Motorcycle Club Holds Silent Auction for Charity

For those of us who live in the West, we are accustomed to summertime fire warnings. And the recent tragedy in Yarnell, Arizona, that cost the lives of 19 elite firefighters, and the loss of at least 360 homes in Colorado, is a sober reminder of how dangerous and devastating fires can be. Additionally, those firefighters [...]

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Lewis and Clark lead to discoveries today

Encounter with the Teton Sioux used for educational purposes Few things give me as much joy as sharing my research on Native American history with young people. This year, my 2010 Lewis and Clark painting, Encounter with the Teton Sioux, has been used in different settings to help illustrate this chapter of American history to school-age children. Encounter [...]

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Introducing "The Shortcut"

COLLECTOR UPDATE: The Shortcut has been sold. High in the Rocky Mountains, a Blackfoot warrior takes a chance with the rapids I'm pleased to introduce my new painting, The Shortcut. The Shortcut | 48″ x 72″ | Oil on canvas The Shortcut depicts a Blackfoot man taking a shortcut home. Deep in the forest, he is preparing to cross [...]

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Advice for new artists

Award-winning painter James Ayers shares his thoughts on how to pursue a career in fine art I have made my living exclusively as a fine art painter since 1995—as a result, I receive many questions from people considering fine art as a career. I thought it would be helpful to share my experiences and give advice [...]

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A Painter’s Inspiration: Meet the people

An interview with Apache model LeAnn Murphy My paintings of historic Native American cultures offer a glimpse into yesterday: You can see what people wore, what tools and weapons they used, or what activities they undertook in their daily lives. You might think gathering all my data for a painting means spending my time in museums or [...]

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A Painter’s Inspiration: The people behind my paintings

Part II: An interview with Navajo Master Weaver Pamela Brown This article is a continuation of my miniseries to introduce you to the living people who influence my work. Here, I present a young woman who inspires me both as an artist in her own right and with her stories of traditional Navajo life. Meet Navajo Master [...]

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Skin, muscle, and bones: The complicated process of painting a human hand

Hands are one of the most complicated shapes of the human body. This article shares a bit about my technique and approach to painting hands. I’ve received a lot of Facebook comments recently about my painting techniques, specifically my treatment of hands. Hands are some of the most difficult and rewarding body parts to paint. They represent [...]

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Introducing "Boundless Warriors"

COLLECTOR UPDATE: Boundless Warriors has been sold. Springtime in the Rockies I'm pleased to introduce Boundless Warriors, a painting that depicts two Ute warriors in the high country in springtime. Boundless Warriors by James Ayers; Ute, 36x36, oil on canvas I created this painting after my early April, 2012 research trip. I wanted to capture that fleeting time in [...]

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Introducing "Mountain Spirit": Apache Ga'an Dancer

The dynamic movements of an Apache Ga'an dancer Arizona inspirations Although I call Colorado home, few places are as inspiring to me artistically as Arizona. My newest painting, Mountain Spirit, captures the dynamic movements of an Apache Ga'an dancer as he performs. Mountain Spirit" by James Ayers; 24" x 30", oil on canvas, $8,100 Composition details Working on "Mountain Spirit" [...]

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