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About "Daytime Gaze": A Nez Perce Woman looks across the prairie

Daytime Gaze, a slice-of-life picture from the life of a young woman COLLECTOR UPDATE: Daytime Gaze has been sold. "Daytime Gaze" in its new home Background on Daytime Gaze This year for the Celebration of Fine Art show, I created a set of paintings that the intention of showing candid views of historic Native American life. In Daytime Gaze, I [...]

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Celebration of Fine Art opens in Scottsdale

To celebrate my return to the Celebration of Fine Art show after nine years, I've brought a collection of dynamic new paintings Over the past year, I have been expanding the ways my collectors can connect with me, including Facebook, Twitter, and live art shows. I love hearing feedback from my fans. One interesting trend I've noticed [...]

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Show preview: Presenting "Two Souls, One Spirit"

Collector Update: Two Souls, One Spirit has been sold. My newest painting, Two Souls, One Spirit is ready for the Celebration of Fine Art Show Romantic new subject matter I received wonderful feedback recently on my Facebook page from a fan who liked my slice-of-life portrayals--preferring them to more traditional portraiture poses. Fueled by this input, I have made [...]

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Chief Keokuk meets the Chief of Keokuk

Keokuk, IA Chief of Police Thomas L. Crew and wife Cindy add Keokuk, Sac and Fox Chief to their collection As an artist, few things are as satisfying as seeing my work placed in its new owner's home. I thought you too would enjoy this story.A message from Keokuk This fall, I received a message from Cindy [...]

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Closing remarks about Honoring the Weavers with Canvas and Bronze

August 21st is the last day of the Honoring the Weavers exhibit at the historic Toadlena Trading Post. The opening for Honoring the Weavers in Canvas and Bronze was held on June 18th, 2011 as part of the bi-annual community party at the post. “Navajo Finery” and “Patterns of Tradition” after hanging in the historic Toadlena Trading [...]

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Honoring Weavers in Canvas and Bronze opens June 18, 2011

Show celebrates traditional Navajo lifeways My show celebrating traditional Navajo weaving culture, Honoring Weavers in Canvas and Bronze, is less than two weeks away. I would like to personally thank everyone who gave their support this project, the first for my new philanthropic organization, Wopila Artist Guild, especially my good friend, Western sculptor Craig Bergsgaard. Craig and I [...]

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Introducing The Guardian Warrior: A Blackfoot man takes aim

UPDATE: Guardian Warrior has been sold. The Guardian Warrior depicts a mid-1800s Blackfoot warrior taking aim on horseback while wearing full regalia. There are several compositional and thematic elements to this painting that make it work and relay its message. Creating harmony with color Perhaps the most important compositional element in this painting is the very deliberate use of [...]

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Presenting Lovely Attire

COLLECTOR UPDATE: Lovely Attire has been sold. Available now: A stunning image of a young Blackfoot woman resplendent in ceremonial dress Lovely Attire depicts a c. 1880s young woman of the Blackfoot tribe dressed in all her finery. Such apparel would be appropriate for a formal or ceremonial occasion, such as a Sun Dance ceremony. "Lovely Attire" [...]

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Phippen Show Preview: Allure of the Flute

UPDATE: Allure of the Flute has been sold. Allure of The Flute, depicts a Crow warrior, adorned with red coup symbols, as he plays a traditional wooden flute. As I painted, I imagined the contrast of the powerful warrior with this gentle, haunting instrument. Composition There are three important compositional elements of this painting: Study Sketch for "Allure of [...]

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Phippen Show Preview: The Chief’s New Gun

Update April 12, 2011: Thank you for your interest in this painting. The Chief's New Gun has been SOLD. The Chiefs New Gun by James Ayers, oil on canvas, 36" x 24" My newest painting, The Chief’s New Gun depicts a late-1860s Lakota tribal leader displaying a proud acquisition: his new Sharps rifleComposition There are three key [...]

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