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Ladookea, “Buffalo Bull”

One of the more unusual warriors featured in Portraits of Honor, my August 5, 2010 one-man show at Legacy GalleryGrand Pawnee Warrior, originally documented by Catlin in the 1830s "Ladookea" by George Catlin Described by George Catlin “as a warrior of great distinction,” Buffalo Bull appears with bow and arrow in his hands and with his totem [...]

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Addih-Hiddisch “Maker of Roads”

One of the key pieces from Portraits of Honor, my August 5, 2010 one-man showUPDATE: Addih-Hiddisch is now available as a high-quality print: Addih-Hiddisch limited edition print Addih-Hiddisch was chief of the village Awachawi, the keeper of the tribal medicine bundle, and a member of the council organized for the mutual defense of all Hidatsa villages [...]

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Keokuk, Sac and Fox Chief

UPDATE: Keokuk, Sac and Fox Chief is available as a giclee printOne of the pieces featured in my new show Portraits of HonorKeokuk, Sac and Fox people, 1830s, source material originally painted by George Catlin "Keokuk, Sac and Fox Chief" by James Ayers Original "Keokuk" by George Catlin George Catlin painted two portraits of Keokuk, one at full length [...]

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Prayers of the Shaman added to the permanent collection of the Booth Western Art Museum

Painting on display during museum’s Journey West GalaMy most personal painting Prayers of the Shaman, oil on canvas, 24in X 30in Although I immerse myself in all the work I do, Prayers of the Shaman is perhaps my most personal painting to date. I created Prayers in 2009 while my mother was undergoing treatment for cancer. I began [...]

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Red Cloud, Oglala Lakota Chief

Another of the pieces from Portraits of Honor, my August 5, 2010 one-man show at Legacy Gallery "Red Cloud" by James Ayers "I was born a Lakota and I shall die a Lakota. Before the white man came to our country, the Lakotas were a free people. They made their own laws and governed themselves as it [...]

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Sitting Bull: Tatanka-Iyotanka

One of the pieces from my 2010 show, Portraits of Honor"Sitting Bull: Tatanka-Iyotanka," Hunkpapa Lakota Chief, (1831-1890), "Tatanka Iyotake, Sitting Bull," Hunkpapa Lakota Chief by James Ayers "What white man has ever seen me drunk? Who has ever come to me hungry and left me unfed? Who has seen me beat my wives or abuse my [...]

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Black Rock, A Two Kettle Chief

A look at one of the paintings from my August 5th show at Legacy Gallery, Portraits of HonorBlack Rock, A Two Kettle Chief, Lakota 1830s, source material originally painted by George CatlinAbout Black Rock George Catlin painted Two Kettles chief Black Rock, also called Ee-ah-sa-pa, in the 1830s. Black Rock was respected and admired by the [...]

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Reconstruction of important Native American portraits

On August 5, 2010, Legacy Gallery unveils my newest show depicting lifelike images of American Indian history-makers "Mato-Tope, Four Bears - Mandan Chief" by James Ayers In my newest show, opening August 5, 2010 at the Legacy Gallery’s Jackson, Wyoming location, I have turned my sights to enhancing the works of celebrated 19 th-century field artists and ethnographers [...]

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Cliff Swallows in Native American Imagery

One of my favorite images is that of the North American Cliff Swallow. "Nobility of Mind" by James Ayers In Legends and Lore Omnipresent in Native American lore, the Cliff Swallow motif is used by almost all of the Plains cultures. The Lakota, Crow, and Blackfoot peoples all use various twists on the graphic – a different, but [...]

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