Soldier of His People Giclee – Mandan

Fine art giclee on canvas

Soldier of His People, Mandan

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Mandan “Black Mouth” Warrior

Mandan man by James Ayers
Archival-quality giclee on canvas

Each numbered, limited-edition print is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity

One edition is available: 14″ x 16″

This edition is limited to only 95 in number.

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Gallery Wrapped

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About the Black Mouth warriors

Soldier of His People represents a Mandan “Black Mouth” warrior. Such a man would keep law and order among the people, functioning as protector and policeman during important tribal events, change of village sites, and buffalo hunts.

During war, Black Mouth soldiers were among the bravest and fearless of all. This important society of men painted the top portion of their faces red and the lower black, which gave them their distinctive look and presence.

A note about Mandan research

Mandan research is not easily attainable, given the early, horrifying demise to European disease that this tribe faced.

What we do know is that, pre-European invasion, the Mandan were a wealthy group that took advantage of their location along the Missouri river to engage in commerce and trade with other groups. Because they had everything they needed for survival in one place, they were able to grow a sophisticated society.

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Also available

This image is also available as a high-quality giclee on paper: Soldier of His People giclee on paper